Recalibrate with Harmonic Meditation and experience sonic massage. Sound affects the nervous system which in turn affects every cell in the body. Harmonic Sound Therapy calms the neural network allowing self-healing to begin. Shift your conscious being from the daily, beta existence that "cages in" the mind. Relax and renew your body, mind & spirit with the gentle sacred pathways of sound fields. Absorb the harmonic tones and vibrations to calm your body and mind.


• Deep or Extreme Relaxation

• Improves Sleep

• Cleanses negative energy and emotions

• Gently induces a meditative state

• Helps connect with higher spiritual self

• Helps to recover after illness, traumas and invasive medical treatments

• Increases vital energy flow, creativity, intuition and motivation

• Makes positive changes to our whole being

• Removes blockages and toxins

• Self-regeneration

• Soothes, purifies and harmonies your emotions and feelings

• Stimulates circulation

• Stimulates endocrine glads and regulates hormonal functioning

• Strengthens immune system

• Stress reduction

• Affects all cells in your body

• Balances both hemispheres of the brain

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