What to Expect for Nursing Homes

This is all about clearing the mind of chatter and inducing a gentle meditation for the residents. It is a calming experience that can help with anxiety and depression. Like watching a gently flowing river we listen to the flowing sound tones much in the same way. Also, the singing bowls used has a listening experience much like the sounding of giant wind chimes.

• Using a special wheeled “sound cart” I go from room to room (for bedridden patients) and spend 5 minutes performing a series of sounds to gently relax and inspire the patients towards body awareness and wellness. This equates to about 24 rooms in a 2 hour period. (If patients can be wheeled into a common area, then a longer session will be performed for the group.)

• These sound therapy sessions use singing bowls, bells, chimes and flutes. 

• For people who are hard of hearing, I walk around in the group sessions to individuals, so they can feel the vibration of the bowls, as that is the most healing aspect, the body and our individual energy fields are affected by the bowls frequency vibrations. In private sessions I can work in close proximity of people hard of hearing as to feel the vibrations of the sound tools.

• It is expected that people will fall asleep. That is part of the process and fine.

• I don’t generally use microphones or PA system, they are all acoustic sounds tools.

• I ask that people be comfortable if they can and close their eyes during the sound session.

• For employees of the facilities, I also offer private one on one sessions with direct contact with the bowls resonations and a more intent work individually.

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