With a specialty of working group relaxation sessions at assisted-living facilities,
nursing homes and facility staff sessions, corporate group immersions,
creating sound immersions for yoga studios and private one on one sessions. Reduce anxiety, calm the mind and help ease depression with sound therapy. Extreme relaxation and calm.
I perform these sound therapy sessions in different states around America.

Sound Practitioner and Professional Lifetime Musician: Tony Gerber

Private and/or Group

"In today’s hectic world, music and sound can provide the circumstance for the body to reset itself and heal from adverse conditions. The music needs to be responsive to the individuals who are listening and sonically guide them to a place of calm. Incorporating a range of musical instruments, I use intuition, observation, intention, musicality, and listening to create just such a sonic context. As a multi-instrumentalist, I create the sound immersions utilizing a tuned set of traditional handmade Nepalese antique bronze Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, bells, native flutes, chimes, voice, percussion, and drones. The sessions vary in duration according to the need and number of the participants. As those who have attended these sessions will attest, the sound immersion brings a sense of personal wholeness in a fragmented world.” -Tony Gerber

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