Welcome to Mountain Skies 2020. 

We are excited to be continuing our saga of electronic inspired music in the Asheville area.

The 2020 Skies Electro-music Collective Album COMING

Emails will be sent out past participants and some new in January. We will then build our basic go list.
The Alumni of the Electro-Music events and the various Skies events, as well as Space for Music Festival alumni are first to be invited.
There are never any guarantees of getting on the list as we always have more than time and space allow.
If you do not make the initial go list, you are placed in order of response onto the wait list.
When spots become available, as they always do, we go down the wait list participants.

Thanks to Mountain Skies 2020 co-producer, Mike Metlay, and his for stepping forward again to do the documentation
and broadcast of actual festival to the internet airwaves.
As well, thanks to Records for supporting the festival in various capacities.

WHITE HORSE VENUE: 828-669-0816   or  

Look forward to the 2020 festival,

Tony Gerber (Festival Producer)


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