2019 Artist List


In no particular order, except first 17 are all “Skies” festival veterans:

Otso Pakarinen - Helsinki, Finland COLLAB ONLY
Darrell Burgan - Dallas, TX SOLO
DK Herpich - Lawrence, KS (MindSpiral)
Mike Metlay (MindSpiral) - Boulder, CO GROUP
Tony Gerber, Nashville, TN - (SPACECRAFT), (UMLAUT)
Giles Reaves, NYC, New York - (SPACECRAFT)
Paul Vnuk, Jr., Milwaukee, WI - SOLO and TRIO b
Kim Bjorn, Copenhagen, Denmark - SOLO
Brian Good OH - COLLAB and/or TRIO b
Klimchak - Atlanta, GA - SOLO
Greg Hurley (Needs to confirm next summer Apple schedule) CA
Joe McMahon, San Francisco, CA
Tim Walters (Usufruct) San Francisco, CA DUO c
Polly Moller Springhorn (Usufruct) San Francisco, CA DUO c
Ana Annemarie Borg UK SOLO
Howard Moscovitz (Twyndyllyngs) - DUO b
Bill Fox (Twyndyllyngs) - DUO b
Todd Gerber (Umlaut), (SPACECRAFT) Wakarusa, IN
Paul Harriman UK SOLO
Mark Mosher Boulder, CO - SOLO
Richard Roberts (Zero Ohms) Spruce Pine, NC SOLO
Drew Miller (Brother Saturn) Denver, CO SOLO
Bryan Burnett (Noize Index) Nashville, TN SOLO
Sally Sparks (for Saturday) - - Asheville, NC Trio a
Chris Stack (for Saturday) - - Asheville, NC Trio a
Gerry Yelton (for Saturday) - - Asheville, NC Trio a
Dr. Wayne Kirby Trio - Asheville, NC Trio b
Roy “Futureman” Wooten - Nashville, TN Trio b
Diana Smethurst - UK COLLAB ONLY
Rebekkah Hilgraves - NC COLLAB ONLY
Torben Asp - Cincinatti, OH SOLO
John Rose - (SPACECRAFT)
Steve Mokris (Project Ruori) SOLO
Chris Johnson (Kri Samadhi)
Chris Wikman and Al Baldwin (
Audio Mace)
James Hopkins & Sara (
Stereospread) Saturday 4th or 5th
Joe Howard (Angry Red Planet) & (Surreal Estate)
Michael Peck SOLO
Jamie McNenamy - Ted Johnson (Dreamphonic)
Michael Vick- SoundAsMusic.com
Bunny Sheets, James Curry,  (Surreal Estate)
Kevin Kissinger SOLO
Scott Sunset, Candy Durrant, Melanie Foxfire (Solemn Shapes)
Mike Hunter Solo and/or (Black Thujone)
Kevin Spears, North Carolina, SOLO, Trio b
Jerry Rockwell and Stephen Seifert DUO d
Doug Lewellyn (80 lbs. test)
Thomas R. Bruce  w/Karl Fury (Beard Farm) (Sunday Schedule)

Michael O'Bannon, Steve Mokris, Joe Howard

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