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Thought Radio and Galactic Travels feature MS2019 artists


Joining forces with our team is Mountain Skies artist, Bill Fox, who is also a well know advocate and extreme supporter of electronic music through his own musical adventures as well as his programming of 2 radio shows, Galactic Travels and Though Radio. We are glad that he is featuring other Mountain Skies artists on these shows. The more of this kind of thing, the better crowds we will have. There are may air bnb’s in the Black Mountain, NC area and we hope you can come for all three days to enjoy the amazing showcase of music. Here previews by listening to my own Space for Music show as well as the features on Galactic Travels and Through Radio… Thanks Bill Fox for you contributions to the electronic music world on many levels.    and




As kind of a mock up of the musicality of the festival, we are assembling a collective of music from each of the 2019 participants. This will serve as a promotion tool and center point of collection for things like bios, photos, weblinks, etc… 

I don’t really see a need to create actual CD physical copies of this release. It will be on the bandcamp website with songs set to downloadable.


Explosive First Month

I was not aware that Greg and Hong were moving until the day before I decided to take the reins of the Black Mountain, NC EM festival event at White Horse. I could tell Greg was ready to clear his palette and he pass all the info and files, website, etc over to me. I had performed in every one of his Asheville area festivals since 2012, when Greg and Hong moved to Asheville, NC to carry on the tradition of doing an electronic music festival. They had come from their Pocono Skies festival in the Northeast and in 2012 launched Mountain Skies in Asheville, NC. I had met Greg originally at an early Different Skies event produced by Mike Metlay at Arcosanti in Arizona in 2005 or 6. The lineage of Skies events seemed like a great way of doing some festivals. DS had initially brought together many great electronic musicians over the course of it’s first 12 years. All of the people running the Electro-music festivals were involved with Different Skies and for me, being someone who has played all the Skies events except for Pocono and Western, it is my desire as producer to continue that lineaage that makes sense to me and is a much better way of marketing the festivals as well. I want anyone who has been involved with Space for Music, all the various skies festivals and electro-music festivals to feel welcome and know that this is how we can move forward and breath some fresh life into these very important gatherings. So, there, is that mess out of the way… And away we go, 100 miles and hour… we amassed the go-list within 10 days… everyone is excited, including me. Metlay is winding up his gears as co-producer with me and it is all a GO…. 

thanks for understanding. 

There is only time to move foward and do our art.

No drama is super appreciated.

All positive energy towards a great festival experience and new performers and many new audience members.

See you along the way.

Tony Gerber (Festival Producer)

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