This is the page for all information relating to the 2019 Skies Electro-music Collective digital album release at Bandcamp. A collaborative effort from Space for Music Records ( and with all the participants for the upcoming Mountain Skies 2019 Festival.


From each artist or band on the “go list” for Mountain Skies 2019, we need a PR photo, short bio and track no longer than 10 minutes. If you were in the 2018 EM Asheville festival, I will have info for you, but you may want to update what I have and resend new items. Include with your bio text file a song description with title, composer info, and any other details you want known. 

Please send all materials to “tonygerber0 at gmail dot com”  via wetransfer or dropbox.

This will serve as the main collective for all press materials and serve as an example web presence to use for press purposes and radio, etc. 


Stay tuned and check back periodically.

TRACKS Submitted:

1. NOIZE INDEX - Void Mirror (Tennessee)

2. TONY GERBER and GILES REAVES - Flower Power (Tennessee & New York)

3. DREW MILLER (Brother Saturn) - Heartstrings (Colorado)

4. RICHARD ROBERTS (Zero Ohms) - Artifacts of Perception (excerpt) (North Carolina)

5. STEREOSPREAD - A Magic Place (North Carolina)

6. PALANCAR - Spin Network (Texas)

7. MR. SPIRAL - The Caravan by Night (Colorado)

8. SPACECRAFT - Further (Tennessee, Kentucky, New York)

9. USUFRUCT - Wooing the Scorpion (California)

10. BEARD FARM - Cooked 4 (New Jersey)

11. SURREAL ESTATE - Light as Air (Indiana)

12. OTSO PAKARINEN - Little Things Matter (Finland)

13. MARK MOSHER - It Doesn’t Have To Hate Us To Use Our Molecules (Colorado)

14. JOE MCMAHON - A Circular Formation (California)

15. SOUND AS MUSIC / MVick - Phases Of Machine-Aiwareness

16. GYPSY WITCH - Morning Mountain Skies (United Kingdom)

17. 80 lb. TEST - Shiny Pavement

18. BRIAN GOOD - Waiting for Dawn (Ohio)

19. KLIMCHAK - Into The Void (Georgia)

20. DREAMPHONIC - Departure Time (North Carolina)

21. GREG HURLEY - Big Sur Rain (California)

22. PAUL VNUK Jr - Light from Darkness Knows (Wisconsin)

23. PAUL HARRIMAN - Make Your Own Light (United Kingdom)

24. UMLAUT - From the Alchemist (Indiana)

25. ANNEMARIE BORG - Drifting (United Kingdom)

26. BLACK THUJONE - Qliphoth Satariel (New Jersey)

 27. DREAMHUB (Kim Bjørn) - Emerald (Denmark)

28. TWYNDYLLYNGS - Sleep Through the Dream (Pennsylvania)

29. HENDECATOPE - Andrew Robbins (Cary, NC)

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