The Space for Music Records website is reborn as
A new June 2017 release on vinyl, CD and download, Tony Gerber “Secret Garden."


After 2006, as people started to quit buying physical CDs so much, as a company, we slowed way down and backed off of running the label with on demand, physical CDs, like the previous 7 years. We have still been releasing albums in hard copy and downloadables since then, but in 2013 I lost the domain name, to some sly crookery. I had paid for 10 years of registration and by the time it came due again, my email had changed and I had quite frankly forgotten about it. The domain lapsed and somebody immediately purchased it and wanted a ridiculous amount to buy it back. Now I see that somebody has started a website again dealing with Alzheimer’s and music or something like that. It is now 2017 and I decided to get the website going again. I have flipped the triangle in the logo to be like a pyramid for this new 2017 phase. Just know that the space music site, the original is now here, 

Thank you for patronage and support over the years.
We are Space for Music Records.


Tony Gerber's Space for Music concept was started 32 years ago
and is now 21 years old on the world wide web!

Space for Music is a collective of artists who have a passion for their music.

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