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The Beginning

The name "Space for Music" has a two-fold history. The name was originally conceived for a space music listening group back in 1985 by Tony Gerber and Nona Owensby. The following year, Gerber put together a multimedia concert of space music and performance at Don Evans' farm in Joelton, Tennessee under the same name. Included in that concert was performances by Tony Gerber, Giles Reaves, David Hall, Allen Green and Jason Litchford, Kirby Shelstad, Tramp, Bang-Shang-A-Lang and various poetry readings by Vanderbilt University students. This event drew about 250 people. It created an energy and buzz that caused Gerber to look to other venues for sequel performances.

In 1986, Mike Timme, the special events coordinator at MTSU, took an interest in Gerber's concept and helped to make "Space for Music, Fall 86" a reality at the Theatre Performance Hall at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This was the apex Space for Music performance and was attended by approx. 600 people. It was also during this time that local community access television was in full swing and two "Space for Music" programs were created for cable, hosted by local artist/musician, Aashid Himons. The success of the MTSU concert fueled another totally new set of performances for the "Space for Music, Summer '87" concert for the Summerlights '87 festival in Nashville. These performances were produced by Gerber with an incredible effort of 30 or so people, all working for nothing, to create a visually and musically inspiring set of performances utilizing the computer and special video effects with live camera projections and computer animations mixed with music and dance. The summerlights show was viewed by thousands. People still reference these concerts today.

In 1999, Gerber got involved in the website. He created his virtual label Space for Music Records as a result of doing very well on the website with downloads, income and the number 1 or top 5  SPACE RADIO station at for 3 years. When was bought out by Vivendi, Gerber purchased equipment for his owned on demand record label production and proceeded to release over 80 world class recordings from 32 different ambient space music artists. In 2006, the bottom dropped out of the CD buying industry and Gerber paired back to just a few releases and never really did the downloadable route with the SFM releases. There might be some reconsideration for this next phase of Space for Music Records. The July 2017 release of Secret Garden by Tony Gerber will be on vinyl, CD and download. This is actually a Finnish production for this album.

32 years later, from its original conception, Gerber has decided to resurrect, document, display, and inspire a new series of concerts with some of the same people, but this time all over the world, via the internet and the virtual world, Second Life and with live video broadcast podcasts of live events. The purpose of the internet and web was to document the efforts of many creative musical artists in the Nashville area and beyond who for the past 32 years have been forging new musical and artistic horizons individually and with each other. In the months to come, this site will incorporate still imagery, audio and video history of past performances and help to organize and promote and new series of concerts and musical adventure through the eyes of the Internet and virtual worlds. Space for Music 2007 concert in Second Life spread the news of new music and performances from around the globe, to the globe.


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