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Below is the old catalog list of releases from the original Space for Music Records. The links goto the internet archive files of the pages. I will be working to localize all the pages and decide what if any of these releases will be available again. Please look to the “Releases Available” link above for music available to purchase in CD, Downloadables and Vinyl.



COLLECTIVE SERIES Vol. 1 - "Basic Space" (Request Copies with Intention of Distribution)
A fantastic collection of Space for Music artists on one CD. Sixteen different artists on 14 different songs. This is given as premiums for Space for Music Records specials and live events. FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. NOT FOR RESALE.

FRED BECKER - Inner, Stellar - sfmFB1059
A re-release of Becker's classic debut CD from 1991. This is music inspired by and honoring spaceflight.

This project was born in 1997 with Chris Blazen and Tony Gerber. John Sharp and John Gladwell recorded several things over at Tony's studio in Nashville. Chris continues his work in Roma, Italia. A combination of The Plank, ESK, Cello, Moog and Guitar creates sometimes ambient, noise, experimental, industrial and occasionally melodic. 

IAN BODDY - Shrouded - sfmIB1032
A veteran of the European electronic music scene since the late 70s, UK based sonic explorer Ian Boddy has produced 13 CDs on his Something Else Records label. He has now formed DiN records for his newer releases. Emerging from the post TDream generation, Boddy has carved out a distinctive position as an independent composer and performer releasing music around the world."Shrouded" is his first release with Space For Music. It is the live concert recording from his Star's End Concert in 2000. 

IAN BODDY and MARKUS REUTER - Jodrell Bank Concert - sfmIB1053
This is Ian's second release on Space for Music Records. His longtime collaborator and friend, Markus Reuter adds to the mix creating a winning combo. Some of the finest examples of planetarium inspired music.

MATT BORGHI - Elegy for Time - sfmMB1047
Matt calls Michigan his home and we are glad to release his all acoustic guitar and processor space music CD, "Elegy for Time". A deep space album that will surely satisfy the need to space out, relax and mind travel...

THOM BRENNAN - Mist - sfmTB1034
A top selling CD at SFM Records in 2001! Thom's first release of new music after a several year pause from releasing...portraits in sound of the Olympic rainforest.

ROBERT CARTY - Sonic Magic - sfmRC1052
Robert Carty is a Ambient, Electronic soundscape artist, who uses keyboards, samplers, shakers, voices, sound textures to create music for the mind and spirit. Robert has been doing Ambient soundscape music for over 15 years, and has received much airplay over stations nationwide and also some stations abroad in the world.

MAX CORBACHO - The Resonant Memory of Earth - sfmMC1041
Max Corbacho is a new and exciting artist from Barcelona, Spain in the Ambient-Space music panorama. His music, hypnotic and stratospheric, with dark, slow-moving tempos, is a constant journey to remote places, to the limits of the universe, and even to the depths of our souls. His first CD on Space for Music, "The Resonant Memory of Earth", is a slow drifter that invokes feelings of Earth like the smells of water, air and the great outdoors. A definite "space music" experience.

MAX CORBACHO - Nocturnal Emanations - sfmMC1067
This is the second release for Corbacho on the Space for Music label. Excellent tribal ambience from Spain.
73+ min long form work that slowly drift along transparent synthwashes, developing through silent landscapes in his formation, almost hostile, sometimes underground, always stony, ancient...

TONY GERBER - Blue Western Sky - LS940006
The debut CD for Tony's association with Angel Romero at Lektronic Soundscapes. "Blue Western Sky" was nominated for Contemporary Instrumental album of the year in 1996 at the Nashville Music Awards. Critically acclaimed, this album has sold copies all around the world. Radio broadcast includes "Echoes" and "Hearts of Space".

TONY GERBER - Cosmic Flight - sfmTG1012
This recording was originally available through Hearts of Space back in the late 80s. A very deep and intense space music adventure. Recorded during a solar eclipse, with fellow musician's William Linton and Mason Stevens. This album was featured on a Hearts of Space broadcast in 1987 along with Brian Eno's music.

TONY GERBER - Clearly Opaque - sfmTG1013
This was Tony's first digital recording originally released in 1987. It contains "Don't Exit Yet" which was used as a soundtrack to the stopframe animation film "Framing a House" which toured the college circuit in the late 80s. Algorhythmic composing mixed with sampling and elaborate MIDI technology.

TONY GERBER - Native Spirit - sfmTG1014
Originally recorded between 1989 - 1991, this is primarily an all synthesizer album with collaborations from Giles Reaves, Neal Merrick and Rob McClain. This capped a time when Gerber had Space for Media on music row in Nashville, TN. It ain't country.

TONY GERBER - Guitarscapes - sfmTG1015
After receiving numerous requests for a guitar album, Tony has put together several recordings from "live" and "studio" moments between 1989 and 1999. This CD dips into space music, jazz, space rock and even more traditional. A variety of delight for guitar lovers. "Guitarscapes" was originally released in the fall of 1999.

TONY GERBER - Altamira - sfmTG1016
This is the ambient space followup to the critically acclaimed "Blue Western Sky" CD. The guitarwork is a little more present here and represents 4 years in the making. The music is in celebration to the first artists who inhabited caves in an area called Altamira. A prehistoric adventure in sound.

TONY GERBER - Bonfire - sfmTG1053
Drawing from his musical roots of mountain music, fingerpicking and bottleneck blues, Gerber gives us a rare glimpse into his acoustic guitar world. Part of this recording was performed in the Cedar Creek Treehouse outside Mount Ranier national park in the state of Washington...

GERBER and ROSE - Airwaves - sfmTJ1018
This CD is the result of Tony Gerber and John Rose's live radio concert at the public radio station at Murray State University in Murray, KY as part of a fundraising event. This comes from their repetoire before the formation of Spacecraft. Very much in the traditional space music style... 

KENT HECKAMAN - Transitions - sfmKH1035
Keyboard artist, Kent Heckaman, has put together several instrumental collaborations with world-class musicians, including Michael Manring on fretless bass and David Darling on cello. If you like the ECM jazz label, then you will really dig this stuff. Top notch work!

VIC HENNEGAN - Desert God - sfmVH1076
Desert God brings a rich texture of sound to the forefront. Vic Hennegan absorbs beauty of his surroundings and translates that to a fine musical expression. Hearts of Space recently played Vic's music on their syndicated radio program. Hear one minute sound clips below from Desert God and see what the attraction is all about.

AASHID HIMONS - Alone In Space - sfmAH1019
Alone In Space, a new solo album of space music from multi-genre recording artist Aashid Himons. Himons, who is best known as the pioneer of Blu-Reggae, recorded his first space music composition in 1982. When I record alone, there are no other musicians to react to and play off of, the West Virginia native explains. Its just me and my keyboards, and the Ancestors, of course, who are guiding my hands.

This was recorded at the Space for Media facility in 1991 a day prior to the first Mind Orbit performance integrating multi media with electronicv space music. It features a steel string celtic harp with electronic synthesizers. A rare treat with these three well-known musicians coming together as a space music trio.

AASHID HIMONS/GILES REAVES - Principles of Peace - sfmAH1045
Long time collaborators, Aashid Himons and Giles Reaves have created a single track work that was performed at one setting. Inspirations from Aashid's recent work with the United Nations.

BRANNAN LANE - To Earth and Back - sfmBL1021
Brannan is a multi genre artist. With each successive title his reputation grows as a producer and composer. He has performed in the US, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. Hes been a professional musician for 27 years. Brannan draws from a wide range of influences. His (ambient music) release "Lost Caverns of Thera" debuted on the charts at #30 and has been featured on the syndicated radio show Music From The Hearts Of Space. It also made the Backroads Music Best of 2001 List. His cd Sleep Cycle charted on the NAV Top 100 Airwaves as well and has also been featured on the Hearts Of Space syndicated radio show. 

BRANNAN LANE - Escape Velocitiy - sfmBL1061
This is Brannan's second solo release at SFM. He has placed himself in the middle of the ambient world because of his excellent sensibilities to the genre. On "Escape Velocity" we find him taking us further to the limits of our sonic world. If you liked "To Earth and Back" then you will not want to miss this newest Brannan Lane release.

WILLIAM LINTON - Traveler's Tales - sfmWL1007
"Traveler's Tales" was William's debut recording released in 1986. It received great hurrah's from the space music community. Stephen Hill from Hearts of Space mastered the recording and it was included in the HOS catalog and radio broadcasts. Still timeless. Fold into deep space.

WILLIAM LINTON - Wayfarer - sfmWL1008
Fourteen years after his critically acclaimed "Traveler's Tales", we are graced with another aural treat from synthesist William Linton. A master of analog synthetic sound design and textural blends, we find ourselves travelling off to another time and space.

MA JA LE - Dreams in the Orchards of Saturn - sfmMJL1027
Refreshing, Childlike, Ethereal, Distinct and Rhythmic. A CD for times of Dream and Journey. Dreams In The Orchard... is the first release by guitarist Christopher Short and keyboardist Paul Vnuk Jr. Together they form the nucleus that is Ma-Ja-Le. Their most recent release "Imaginarium" with Vir Unis was produced by Steve Roach.

KEN MARTIN - Berlin Impressions Volume 1 & 2 - sfmKM1058
The first two volumes of the incredible tribute to the Berlin school sound is now available again. 

KEN MARTIN - Berlin Impressions Volume 3 - sfmKM1051
Recording in the United Kingdom since the 1970s, Ken's direct influence of the Berlin School is displayed without flaw. KEN MARTIN probably comes the closest to sounding like Klaus Schulze of any musical artist I have heard. That is not suppose to be good or bad, just to give you an idea of his truly Berlin School sound. You are missing out on an incredible electronic musician if you haven't checked out Ken Martin...This CD is not to be missed!

KEN MARTIN - Crystal Voyage - sfmKM1065
A brand new release in 2003 from this talented UK electronic composer. If you like the classic electronic music sound, then you will love this one. 

KEN MARTIN - Beyond Ultraviolet - sfmKM1073
This is the fourth release on SFM for this steadfast electronic music composer. Another great recording for lover's of that Berlin School sound. Long sequences and liquidesqe sounds blend with Ken's venturing leads.

KEN MARTIN - Translucent Shadows - sfmKM1075
This is the fifth release on SFM for this steadfast electronic music composer. Another great recording for lover's of that Berlin School sound.

KEN MARTIN - Psychic Beacons - sfmKM1080
This is the seventh release on SFM for this steadfast electronic music composer. A recording for lover's of that Berlin School sound. 

KEN MARTIN - Spheres - sfmKM1078
This is the sixth release on SFM for this steadfast electronic music composer. Another great recording for lover's of that Berlin School sound.

NEAL MERRICK - Magic Traveler - sfmKM1077
This is space music laced with rhythms and traditional instruments like cello, trumpet, didjiridoo, and voice. Creating ambient music since the 70s, a veteran to music recording techniques and unique tunings and rhythms. Neal continues to help introduce "Water Drumming" to Western society by showcasing his performance of "Water Drumming" on both live concerts and recordings. "Water Drumming" is a native technique of the Baka or Mbuti (uhm-boot-ee) people that is said to have been practiced for thousands of years. Space for Music is delighted to offer this landmark recording to the public. This is a magic ride that will capture your soul in the language of music and sound.

LAVRENTY MGANGA - Ars Minimal - sfmLM1039
Lavrenty Mganga is a modern Russian composer and multi instrumentalist. He experiments with new compositional techniques such as minimalism and tries to combine these techniques with those used in various folk traditions and early European music. Lavrenty is a pupil of Vyacheslav Gaivoronsky, famous Russian composer and trumpet player.

NEBULA DRONE - A long fade into virtual light - sfmND1029
Bringing the sounds of Can, Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze firmly into the 21st Century.
Through the wonder of the internet, Space for Music has joined forces with Cologne, Germany's NEBULA DRONE. A recent addition to the SFM roster, these guys are performing it live and have created a very solid CD in the tradition of early pioneers of this genre. But they also have their own unique sound which makes them even more desirable and a band destined for further great musical excursions.

CRAIG PADILLA w/Skip Murphy - Planetary Elements - sfmCP1060
As an unedited raw document of a show this is one of the best of the recent live EM releases (in the classic style) that I've heard for some time. Creating in the moment like this raises several difficulties... and hearing them surmounted can be very interesting, but as I've mentioned before to my way of thinking it has become something of a golden calf in these quarters... it isn't a magic formula that alone makes your music legit.
It IS a pleasure to hear when done right and I have to say that I think Craig and Skip are among the very top live acts doing it right now.

CRAIG PADILLA w/Skip Murphy - Temporal Suspensions - sfmCP1025
A good friend and collaborator is Skip Murphy, who has helped with playing, recording and concert performances. His style of playing meshes seamlessly with Craig's own brand of synthesis in the realm of the great European synth giants.

CRAIG PADILLA - Folding Space and Melting Galaxies - sfmCP1028
The best solo artist in America playing in the vintage electronic Berlin School sound!
Craig Padilla, a 14 year electronic music veteran, has proven to be a driving force in the current electronic music scene, creating "Electronic/Space Music" with an occasional nod to New age and Ambient Trance. Analog sounds combine with digital synths to create a blissful tapestry of sound; appealing to all fans of electronic music!

CRAIG PADILLA w/Skip Murphy - Planetary Elements Vol. 2 - sfmCP1079
Brand New Recording from the best Berlin School electronic artist in America. Volume two of their planetarium soundtrack series!

PONDER - Ponder - sfmP1037 (Not Yet Available)
Ponder is the solo project from the creator of Dinah Shore, Jr., Port of Saints and Ümlaut, Todd Gerber. A wonderful series of tone poems that gather inspiration from the music of Cluster. An excellent debut recording worth checking out. Todd is the younger brother of Tony Gerber.

PONDER - Again - sfmP1038 (Not Yet Available)
Ponder has done it again. A second release this year from looper, guitarist and synthesist, Todd Gerber. Working only with 50 year old or more recordings of solo world instruments and voice, he magically couples liquid guitar melodies and guitar textures creating a true world ambient sound. The combination of guitar loops and chords with indigenous performances paints a sonic picture that is not very common sounding. In fact, we really haven't heard a sound quite like this before. If you are in the mood for new ambient sounds , then check this one out.

RADIOWAVE - Journey Thru OZ - sfmRW1040 (Available in July)
This new artist to the scene has hit a winner with this debut CD release. All sounds/tones were created and performed on a Godin LGXSA Midi Guitar into a Roland GR33 interface to access the Roland XV5080 synthesizer then recorded directly into Steinberg Nuendo thru a TC Electronics Gold Channel, RME ADI 8Pro & Hammerfall 9652 audio card. It equals a great space album in the traditional sense, but the flexibility of a guitar as a controller and sole instrument used.

GILES REAVES - Sacred Space - sfmGR1003
The long awaited release from Giles Reaves is guaranteed to take you away from your worldly space and put you in a sacred space. In the tradition of his previous CD, "Sea of Glass", which reached #11 on the Billboard charts, Giles delivers another gem of sonic alchemy. He is joined by Aashid Himons on synthesizers for several tracks.

Giles has teamed up with Aashid Himons for many different recordings over the years, but this is the first official release of this space music duo. Taking the path of deep space, Giles and Aashid offer a dialogue that takes the listener to the depths of sound. If you are into deep space, then don't miss this one.

GILES REAVES - Sea of Glass - sfmGR1001 
"Sea of Glass" was originally released on Hearts of Space records in 1992. It hit #11 on the Billboard chart. Forging complex rhythms and potent ambiences into a new alloy, Reaves brings the original musical directions of his MCA Master Series debut WUNJO to full fruition. "Sea of Glass" is powerful, spatially intriguing and emotional.

GILES REAVES - Kaleida Visions - sfmGR1002
Giles has ventured into the world of rave with this collection of electronica pieces written while watching the animation psychedelia from Digital Dave's DVD, "Kaleida", then used as the soundtrack. Kaleida Visions has that big, spacious, syncopated sound that is Giles signature, coupled with the dance beats. Giles also worked with Spacecraft in 2000 creating "Kaleida Dreams", another series of computer animations also included on the DVD and video.

ROBERT RICH - Shamballa - sfmRR1005
Robert Rich is one of the pioneers in ambient music. His roster of CDs and high quality music is too great to list here. It includes many solo projects, his vocal project, AMOEBA and work with many other great space artists, including Steve Roach. From his year 2000 concert tour comes "Shamballa", a live recording of the last performance of the tour at Shamballa in California.

HANS JOACHIM ROEDELIUS - Veni Creator Spiritus - sfmHR1024
Hans Joachim Roedelius is one of the founding fathers of modern day electronic music. He is described by the Chicago Tribune as "one of the best kept secrets of 20th century music." Roedelius teams up with long time collaborator, Eric Spitzer-Marlyn for a spectacular work of sound collage. Released in March, 2000.

HANS JOACHIM ROEDELIUS - American Steamboat - sfmROE1066
Hans Joachim Roedelius brings together the talents of Eric Marlyn, Fabio Capanni, Eric Bonerz, David Bickley and Alec Way for an instrumental space pop album that makes you feel good. There is something very fresh here...There is something very vintage here...

"Amerika Recycled by America Inc" was created during Roedelius' "Indian Summer Tour" of 1999, when he teamed up with SPACECRAFT for a very successful show at the Bell House in Lexington, KY. This created an opportunity for a collaborative recording which is now completed...

JOHN ROSE - Cosmogenesis - sfm22001
Space for Music is proud to present the debut CD of John Rose, a founding member of Spacecraft. John's work in the field of electronic music has spanned over twenty five years and he is recognized as a musical pioneer in his home state of Kentucky, USA. The spirit of his music dips into the deep part of our being and in this context we present his best recording to date, "Cosmogenesis."

JOHN ROSE - Conversing with a Rainy Night - sfmJR1071
Space for Music is proud to present a new solo piano release from Spacecraft member, John Rose. This is John's primary instrument and this recording displays his excellence on the instrument.

SHANE SANDERS - Jellyfish Emperor - sfmSS1046
The newest artist addition to the SFM roster is this talented sound designer and alternate guitar synthesist. Jellyfish Emperor is his debut CD release. An unusual audio journey to the far reaches of the imagination.

KIRBY SHELSTAD & LARRY CHANEY - Temple of Thunder - sfmKS1036
Film score and recording artist Kirby Shelstad and award-winning guitarist Larry Chaney have both been leading components of the alternative music scene in Nashville for the past 20 years. This live recording in the full size replica of the Parthenon gives awesome ambience to their new recording which mixes ambient with percussion, drums, guitar, experimental with a little bit of jazz in there....

TOM SHINNESS - Escape -sfmTS1074
This is one of the few musical artists performing ambient music with acoustic instruments on the SFM label. Escape vol. 1 was created at the request of many fans for the purpose of relaxing, destressing and massage. It features primarily a 1913 Gibson harpguitar with touches of cello and bamboo flute, which were processed through various electronics. In these genre-bending works for solo harpguitar and uncommon instrument combinations, Tom bends the adventurous to be gentle on the ear and infuses the easy-listening with passion and inspiration, his album is a fresh meeting of conviction and comfort.

SPACECRAFT - Spacecraft - LS97009
The critically acclaimed debut CD from Spacecraft. This first incarnation of Spacecraft included Chris Blazen with Tony Gerber, John Rose and Diane Timmons. This is probably the most abstract and sonically exploratory CD they have released. Inspired from NASA audio mappings from the Voyager One spacecraft and gravitational wave studies.

SPACECRAFT - Hummel - LS1012
With the release of "Hummel", recorded live at the Hummel Planetarium, we definitely hear some of the roots of Spacecraft, recalling groups from the Berlin synth scene in the early 70s. Hummel received a "Critic's Choice" review in Billboard Magazine and launched them into the cosmos of the electronic music world.

SPACECRAFT - Earthtime Tapestry - LS1014
On Spacecraft's third CD release they are joined by synthesizer veteran, Giles Reaves. This CD continues in the sonic realm of their previous CD, "Hummel". It attained "Electronic Album of the Year" in 1999 from the New Age Journal magazine and most recently, the title track was used in Paramount Pictures Vanilla Sky motion picture film directed from Cameron Crowe and starring Tom Cruise.

SPACECRAFT - Summer Town - sfm12001
This is the first "traditional" manufactured release from SpaceForMusic.com Records. It is the result of a Sunday morning concert for the Unity Festival at Stephen Gaskin's Farm in Summertown, Tennessee in May of 2000. Giles Reaves is also on board for this performance. Spacecraft creates a more sacred sonic surrounding while over 150 people did their morning yoga exercises in front of the stage!!!...

SPACECRAFT - Cybersphere - sfm32001
Continuing in the footsteps of Spacecraft's second critically acclaimed CD, "Hummel", their new and eighth CD, "Cybersphere" blasts off from the Cybersphere Planetarium in Dickson, Tennessee. ...

SPACECRAFT - Kaleida Dreams - sfmSP1009
This is Spacecraft's fourth CD release and their second studio album. Tony Gerber, John Rose and Diane Timmons are joined by Giles Reaves to create a series of compositions that were written for the computer animated video, "Kaleida Dreams". They continually push their musical offerings into new territories. 

SPACECRAFT - Musical Meditation for World Peace - sfmSP1010
This CD is the result of a "live concert" as part of the international event World Peace through Reverence for Life" conference in the fall of 2000. Spacecraft created a sonic environment for prayer and meditation at the Unitarian Church in Nashville on a Sunday afternoon honoring Albert Schweitzer and J.S. Bach who had tremendous "Reverence for Life."

SPACECRAFT - 20th Century Mix (Best Of) - sfmSP1011
If you haven't experienced the music of Spacecraft, then this is a great first CD. It includes some of their best works from the 4 CD releases of the 1990s. Climb aboard the sonic spacecraft and travel to worlds that provide a catalyst for the imagination.

SPACECRAFT - Inside The Inside - sfmSP1020
Recorded live at the Gathering 32 in Philadelphia, PA, SPACECRAFT gives you one of the their best performances. Unmistakably moving forward as a group. They continue to push into new territories as a performing band with this being their 9th release.

SURFACE 10- Borrowed Time 2000 - sfmS101069
This music had a more vintage-ambient sound (homage to
Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Steve Roach) then the usual Surface 10 electronic pace, yet Surface 10 founder Dean De Benedictis formed an extremely sentimental attachment to it.

MASON STEVENS - Luna Waves - sfmMS1006
Mason Stevens picked up his space music tendencies from William Linton and Tony Gerber back in the mid 1980s. During that time the three recorded the classic space album "Cosmic Flight", then featured by Hearts of Space radio and catalog. It has been 15 years since that recording and now Stevens releases his first solo CD, "Luna Waves." His traditional progressive rock/jazz/blues guitar is the main voice over wild space soundings also performed by Stevens. If you like Pink Floyd, you will dig this.

MASON STEVENS - One Step Into The Unknown - sfmMS1068
The second release for Mason Stevens on the SFM label. Space Blues solid and true. This man knows how to express himself with the guitar!

SURFACE 10 - Borrowed Time 2000 - sfmS101069
The debut release from a powerful new artist dealing musical ambience with a primitive groove. 

TERRA AMBIENT - The Darker Space - sfmTA1048
The debut release from a powerful new artist dealing musical ambience with a primitive groove. 

ROBERT SCOTT THOMPSON - Sidereal. - sfmRST1050
Robert Scott Thompson is a recording artist with over a dozen solo CDs. He works in alternative classical,avant garde, computer music, ambient, spacemusic, advanced new-age and pop genres. His newest offering and debut release with Space for Music sends you on a sonic journey for sure. Covering vast soundscapes in single semi-long format.... 

UMLAUT - The Alchemist - sfmUM1030
Bringing together the magic elements of sound, Umlaut, the brainchild of Todd Gerber creates a smooth, gelatinous series of sonic tone poems. This music can be very intoxicating. 

UMLAUT - Morpheus - sfmUM1026
Dripping with ambience and mellow moods, Umlaut has created a CD to numb your pain. Even though it can be used as a sleeping aid, it also rocks with thick textures of hypnotic melodies. A very talented sound artist.

UMLAUT - Sketch in the Earth - sfmUM1056
Umlaut is one of several projects from the sonic sculpting work of Todd Gerber. The result is amazing aural textures and looping marvels. He tests many of his recordings by sleeping to them..

VIR UNIS - LIVE at The Gathering Concert Series 23 - sfmVU1033
This is a remastered release of the LIVE concert in Philadelphia at St. Mary's Cathedral.

ZERO OHMS - Sweven - sfmZO1022
Zero Ohms uses wind-controlled synthesizers to create explorations in ambient spaces.
"Sound exploration of haunting atmospheric chords which engulf us in deep breaths and textural landscapes, penetrating the subconsciousness to reveal primordial memories about our true nature." - David J. Opdyke, AmbiEntrance Reviews 

ZERO OHMS - Unafraid of the Impending Silence - sfmZO1042
The magic of Richard J. Roberts wind instruments creates a single track piece for continuous looping on your CD player. It is a perfect companion for sleeping or low level as you work on your computer. Zero Ohms continues to release CDs with a sound unique to their own musings.

ZERO OHMS - True Degrees of Freedom - sfmZO1064
This the 6th release from Zero Ohms on the SFM label. He is becoming a musical veteran here. This is a masterful blend of music and found sounds creating a mysterious and 3 dimensional recording. This could be his finest to-date. Highly recommended.

ZERO OHMS - Spatial Glacial Nebulous - sfmZO1072
Zero Ohms's previous album, True Degrees of Freedom, occupied the number five spot on my top ten ambient/space music releases for 2003. Like clockwork, Richard Roberts, the man behind ZO, releases his 2004 effort, Spatial Glacial Nebulous. This record is something of a technological departure for Roberts, whose previous albums contained a wide variety of instrumentation, mostly electronics and a wide variety of wind instruments. Here the tracks are created solely on the wind synth (basically a synth that is played like, and most often resembles, a flute or recorder--don't think The Hooters, though, this is much cooler) that features heavily on all past Zero Ohms discs. The effect is simple, elegant, and extremely beautiful..

ZERO OHMS/BRANNAN LANE - Soundfall to the Infinite - sfmZOBL1044
Both are SFM artists with solo releases. But the combination of the two together creates a magical blend that outweighs them individually. There best work yet . Inspired by both artists being asked to participate in the Space for Music Festival 2002.

ZERO OHMS/BRANNAN LANE - Immense Distance - sfmZOBL1057
The follow-up to the number one seller at Space for Music, Soundfall to the Infinite. Zero Ohms and Brannan Lane have conjured up another classic ambient and sacred sounding recording..

Gordon Rhyne has appeared on several of Zero Ohms projects over the years, but this is the most pronounced of them all. Gordon's voice and Richard's flute, interlaced with bells from Brannan Lane, weave magic sounds to create what many people are saying is a "put you to sleep" recording.

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